Five paintings, acrylic on six silk shantung trapezial-shaped canvases

AUGH               GHTE                   LAUG                  UGHT            HTER

Edge lengths: 22, 24, 40, 48"    8, 9, 24, 26" & 11, 13, 24, 32"              24, 36, 44, 48"                              21, 24, 27, 40"               24, 25, 28,  32"

Objective / Inspiration: Upon completing a three-canvas work that acknowledged and commemorated my loss of innocence, which occurred when I was around five years old, I felt suddenly liberated from a huge burden. LAUGHTER bubbled forth into these paintings with saturated tertiary colors for the backgrounds, and impasto complementary primary and secondary colors to limn the captain’s chairs that have been studio companions from the 1980s to 2017.

The paintings may be hung in a variety of ways. As seen below, they require about 12 feet; attached about 11 feet.


The titles are 4-letter permutations from the word “laughter.”

             LAUG                           AUGH                   UGHT                GHTE              HTER